January 17, 2007

sshfs I’m in love

Filed under: linux — hawkwing3141 @ 2:21 pm

I discovered that I could use sftp:// addresses in Konqueror a while back and thought that that was cool (hit Ctrl-Shift-L to split the window), but then I discovered sshfs and quite simply I am smitten. It didn’t work at first, but everything went smoothly after I added myself to the “fuse” group (do “sudo adduser userid fuse“) and added the module “fuse” to my /etc/modules (annoyingly I had to redo this after a recent system upgrade).  A good writeup with helpful comments is here: How to mount a remote ssh filesystem using sshfs. The great thing about sshfs is that it allows me to use my remote systems transparently on whichever computer I happen to be using at the moment. The only down side of this is if you forget which system you are working on and the cable internet goes down at the other end and you don’t have a local copy and you have a meeting in less than an hour and have to drive all the way home and put the remote copy onto your iPod nano and drive back and print out the unfinished copy for the attendees of your meeting (not that I know from experience, or anything). That’s not so great, so watch out. The other thing to know is how to unmount the sshfs: fusermount -u /mount/point

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